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The Original German Muzzle Net

A proven instant relief for headshaking

Also effective for sensitivity to insects


This is the original German nose net and the only one which covers the entire muzzle, providing immediate relief from headshaking. This original design has helped thousands of horses with headshaking syndrome in Europe and all over the world.  Success rates have been 100% in horses with true headshaking syndrome. It is also useful for horses who are sensitive to pollen or insects.

This muzzle net is my own development and is manufactured in my shop in Northern Germany.  It is uniquely different from other products as it tightly covers the entire muzzle. The tender pressure applied onto the nostrils inhibits itching and sneezing. The result is that horses will stop their headshaking behavior immediately.

Underlying causes of headshaking are numerous and treatment can be long and exhausting and is often unsuccessful. The muzzle net provides immediate relief for all symptoms of headshaking. 

Symptoms are plentiful and include rigorous headshaking, nodding, rubbing nostrils on the ground or against other objects, irritability, jerking on the reins and tripping which can result in tumbling.

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